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I have a sweet little dog 1/2 maltese 1/2 yorkie.  when he is excited to go out or welcoming me home he jumps up and grabs hold of my clothing.  I have a lot of holey items.  how do I get him to stop this behavior?


Hi there,

Training your dog not to jump will take some time, especially if this unwanted behavior has been going on for some time, and it's now habit. Be patient.

When you enter a door and your dog jumps up on you, ignore him. Look straight ahead (not at your dog), don’t tell him to get off you and don’t push him away. Instead, stand up straight and look over his head. If you move your arms and hands at all, pull them up toward your chest. If he continues jumping, turn away. He’ll have to put his front paws on the floor to follow you. The very instant his front paws touch the floor, melt into the wonderful loving owner that you are, and say “Good Boy” quietly and pet his head. If he gets excited and jumps up again, straighten back up and repeat the sequence, ignore him until his feet are all on the floor once again. The moment his 4 feet touch the floor, pet him.

Read more about training a dog not to jump here:

Alternatively, you can teach your dog to lay down on command when you arrive home:

You should practice these exercises with your dog twice a day, everyday. Be consistent and you should start to see some progress in a couple of weeks.

If reading about how to train your dog doesn't work (it's a difficult way to learn how to train a dog!), it's then time to enroll in in a dog obedience class. In a class, an experienced trainer can show you what you're doing wrong. Ask at your vet's office or a local boarding kennel for a referral to an obedience class in your area.

I hope I've been a help.
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