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I have a mix breed dog (beagle with basset hound) he is only 1 he started pacing and wont stop.  He looks really tired but he just wont stop walking around. At time I think he is going to lay down and take a rest but less then a minute later he is pacing again.  I have tried to stop him and make him lay down for a little bit and he does for a the most a minute then he is fighting me to get up and walk around again.  Any help you can give to me will be greatly appreciated.


Hi Katherine,

You didn't say if your dog is neutered. If he isn't, the constant pacing could be because somewhere in your area there's a female dog that's in heat. If this is the case, things might get worse before they get better. Your dog might make odd vocalizations, and might even stop wanting to eat. Female dogs go into heat twice a year. The only way to stop this behavior in a male dog, is to neuter him.

If your dog is neutered, then the pacing can be a symptom of discomfort or pain. If your dog has a Basset-like body and is heavy (like a Basset hound) a possible life threatening condition called "Bloat" is something you should be aware of. Bloat occurs when food ferments, or air is trapped, or the dog is playing with a full stomach and for whatever reason, the stomach flips or twists. Male dogs are more likely to be affected by Bloat. Bloat has a combination of symptoms that include signs of discomfort, restlessness, a "worried" expression, wanting to go out but not really doing anything when you take him to relieve himself.

Having your vet examine your dog is a logical first step to try and find out what might be wrong.

I hope I've been a help.
Best of luck,



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