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My son has a 1 yr old male german shepherd.What is the proper amount of dry dog food to give him daily? He is currently 68 lbs. Thanks for your time.

Hi Ed,

I appreciate that you are reaching out and asking about food for your sons shepherd. This, by far is the most important question anyone can ask about caring for a pet.

Most people believe that just feeding your dog some decent dry food is all that they need to get by. This is a common question and it can mean the difference between just getting by or thriving the way nature intended out pet to do.

To answer your question in short, no dry food is the best answer. Dogs were never meant to eat a dry, cooked or processed diet.

This is the worst diet you can feed a dog. Dogs were meant to eat a diet high in moister. You know what they should be eating, the prey model raw food diet. When you feed only dry foods, they will actually live in a mild state of dehydration. This is from a lack of moisture in their diet.

Many people cannot or will not feed a raw food diet so the next best thing is a diet high in moisture like homemade or canned foods. Dry food can make up a little of the diet but never more than about 50%. Otherwise like I said, they will live in a mild state of dehydration and that is hare on their internal organs. They will normally drink a lot of water on dry food only diets.

They can never drink enough water to make up what they should be getting in their diet.

The most important things a dog needs in their diet is high moisture and "living" nutrients. They get this from their natural diet. But when you feed cooked or processed foods, the "live" nutrients are destroyed when you cook food.

That's why anything you get in a bag or can is "NOT" complete nutrition for dogs. It never will be. Like us,they need live nutrients to keep from having many of the health issues pets are having now. That's why the vets offices are filled with sick pets.

If you don't feed a raw diet to these pets, you must supplement with enzymes and probiotics. These are the missing "live" nutrients. These are the number one thing I tell just about everyone that comes into our store that wants to feed a good and complete diet.

You can get these missing vital nutrients in a powder form to sprinkle on each meal. It is very important and should be included in every pet meals.

A good one we use and sell daily is from Animal Essentials. They sell a powder that contains both enzymes and probiotics together. You just add a little bit on each meal. You can find it at most natural pet food store or on the internet.

Back to your original question of good foods.

The best foods in my mind are all grain free for any dog. The best ones are like Orijen, Accana, Wilderness, The Great Life, Instinct, Taste Of The Wild, Before Grains, Merrick and First Mate.

Many of these brands make some good grain free canned as well. You can use one or more of these for a little dry and add some canned but make sure you get and add some enzymes and probiotics to each meal. It is VERY important. Please do more research on these.

The amount to feed is very subjective. There is no easy answer. It depends on their metabolism and amount of exercise you give them. You should always use their weight for a guideline. If they are looking a little heavy, cut back a little, if they are looking too lean, add a little. You can never go with just a set amount. Every dog is different.

You should always rotate the diet. The more variety in the diet, the stronger the immune system. A dogs digestive system is the heart of their immune system. You want a strong immune system to keep them healthy and thriving and out of the vets office.

Also add some good omega's. Things like salmon oil, cod liver oil, or one of the best things is canned sardines in water. They have a full chain of omega 3's and 6's. A little raw egg now and then, a little cottage cheese and some greens or veggies help the immune system.

Think of their diet like a good human diet only more meat sense they thrive on a more acidic diet then us and they will do great and be around for a long time.

I know this has been much more information than you asked but it's all important and we are passionate about pet health.

If you should have any further questions about any of this or anything else in the diet, please feel free to respond back and ask, I'm happy to help if I can.



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