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Hi Gary,
Our 10 year old female greyhound/shepard dog has a large growth on her front leg. About 4 months ago (prior to the appearance of the growth) she began really limping and I thought she perhaps slipped on the stairs and hurt her leg. There appeared to be some minor swelling so we tried to ice it and keep her inactive. She stopped limping about a week later but the "swelling" increased to the size of an egg nearly overnight. I thought it was an abcess but it was not hot, did not hurt her to touch it, and felt firmer than what an abcess would.
It stayed that size for quite some time, well over a month, but then again grew very quickly and is now the size of a large plum. It is not hard as bone but feels like a very dense/firm sponge. It is causing some pain and she is limping slightly.
Our vet examined her when it was smaller and would like to do a number of diagnostic tests (expensive!) before surgery. I suppose that would be prudent but I would prefer to just have it removed. Also, I don't think a general is required but rather use a sedative and local. I had foot surgery done that way with no issues.
Thank you for any input and I will attach two images.

Hi Joan,

Sorry your dog is having problems. They do a general anesthesia so the dog will not be able to move,i'm not always a fan of this because it does add a higher risk. You should try another vet and tell him/her your vet wanted to do a bunch of tests and you really dont have the money for that and ask what he/she thinks it is and will they remove it without doing a bunch of tests. I have not seen anything like this,i will look around and see if i can find something on the internet and get back to you tomorrow. Try to find another vet soon. good luck with everything,i will keep a good thought for ya.


OK i looked around on the internet and it seems like it is a lipoma,older dogs will get these. They are not serious but they should be removed as it does cause pain and can make walking very difficult. Get the 2nd opinion i think its the best way to go. PLEASE let me know how it goes.



I dont wanna worry you but i found something else that could also be wrong. There is something called Osteosarcoma. Please look it up and read about it. This is cancer and i only hope it could be ruled out. I felt like i did not provide enough information to you so  i looked around  and found this and i had to weigh the good and bad about this and if i were you i would like to know as much as i can. I will keep a good thought for you and your dog. all my best



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