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hi my male catahoula puppy is about ten months old and we just had him neutered about 2-3 weeks ago and he recovered very quickly, but has seemed to pick up the habit of at night peeing in the house by the door. he was completely house broken before the neuter and has never given  us any issues with house braking he has been staying out in the pen at night now because of the peeing and i would rather have him inside i didn't know if there could be any reason for him to do this we've been pulling his water at night so he isn't drinking so now we are at a loss of what to do . thank you

Thanks for the question
There is some stuff you can buy over the counter at any good pet store. It's called "bitter apple" Its a white bottle with a yellow and green label. It is all natural and it tastes VERY sour. If he smells it he won't go to the bathroom near it. Another thing you can do on his last outside time of the night,bring him in wait about a minute and then take him back out. The temperature change will make him feel like he has to go again. You can try taking him back outside after he comes in. Give these things a try and if you are still having problems let me know and we will dig a little deeper and come up with a solution. Let me know in a day or 2.



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