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I cannot always pick up poo. What else can I do to stop this nasty habit. I have read about adding accent or pumpkin to their food. Does this work?
She is 11 1/2 months old and eats her poo and my 8 year old's poo.
Is trying a shock collar out of the question if used responsibily?
I am afraid about ingesting parasites during warm months. Hope something can help as my other dog never did this and I am repulsed by this nasty habit.
She is trained somewhat but I cannot be with her 24/7 when I let her outside in my fenced in backyard. When weather breaks I am having a 10' by 10' potty area built. I hope to train them to eliminate in this area. Any suggestions and thank you for your time.

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Thank you for the question. You can go to your local pet shop and buy a bottle of "Bitter Apple" It is a white bottle with a yellow and green label. You can spray it on the poop and your dog will not eat it. it is all natural and will not harm her. You can also try the seeds or garlic on the food before she eats it. It is very normal for a pup to eat poop. Before dogs were domesticated they would eat poop, now its mostly just pups that do it You can also get a pooper scooper and you wont have to handle the poop. I live in a condo and i have dog poop bags and i have to clean up after my dog poops.

If you have concerns about parasites you can get stuff from your local pet shop to stop the parasites (worms) Or you can take her to the vet if you see any worms about the size of a grain of rice in her poop.

The bitter apple will put an immediate stop to the poop eating. If you have any follow up questions please feel free to ask.



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