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Dogs/6 month old puppy mix lab/german shep.



My questions are when she comes inside the house she comes in running like she is outside, how do we keep her from doing that I'm afraid she my push my dad down he is 89(she is his puppy). and she keeps bitting us? and one last thing, she is biting stuff including my dads trees outside, how can we stop her from doing it?
thanks for your help!

Hi Mary

Thank you for contacting me about your father's 6 month old puppy.

A 6 month old puppy is a handful for just about anyone, let alone an 89 year old man.  A senior citizen needs a senior that is already housebroken, has manners and enjoys the same slow place that your father does.  

Additionally, a 6 month old puppy needs a great deal of training and exercise.  This dog may not be the appropriate dog for your family's needs.  What you call biting, is actually mouthing, which is very natural for a puppy to do, but unless you use the correct method to stop this behavior, you could end up with an aggressive dog, which you don't want to have happen.

You really need to bring in a trainer to show you how to deal with the puppy or ask the shelter or rescue to switch out the puppy for an older dog.  

What area do you live in?  I might know someone that is looking for a puppy to adopt.

There are great tapes and books on training a puppy. Start with Ian Dunbar and Karen Pryor's books/tapes.

Best regards,
Shelley Davis


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