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I have a 4 year old male(Bennie) , 5 year old female(Casey), 2 year old female (Katie), 1 year old female(JoJo) & 4 month old male(Toot)  all Boston Terriers. We are wanting to breed, have bred in the past. We brought Bennie in to breed Casey & Katie. Toot will be our future stud. Bennie has only been here about a month. Weve had Toot since 6 weeks old. Bennie has bred in the past for his former owner & has already  bred Katie for us. JoJo & Casey are both in heat. Casey has had 2 previous litters & bred with no problem. Im giving you all this background so that I can ask... Casey is ready & is willing, but Bennie is not interested.  He will sniff & "analyze" her, but acts more interested in JoJo,  which we are not allowing. They came into heat within a day of each other. He will not attempt anything with Casey, but attempts with JoJo. Have you seen this before? Any suggestions?

Does Casey seem interested?  It could be that Jojo is the new girl on the block for Bennie.  Can you put Jojo with a friend for a few days?   I have seen where a male has an interest in one female at a time.  In fact, I have seen this several times.  Those men, always looking for the younger chick.  just kidding.


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