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My 12lb shih-tzu just ingested a rather large piece of rawhide (the size of a playing card), she is eating and drinking normal but I'm concerned it will cause a blockage in her intestine or I've read it can "swell up" in the stomach with drinking water. Should I be concerned?

Yes, I would be concerned.

There are a couple of different types of rawhide. Some are made of whole pieces of hide and others are made of bits compressed together.

The whole pieces can be dangerous if large pieces are eaten. The compressed type tends to break down easier.

I would contact an emergency vet in your area and ask them for immediate advice. They may want you to bring her in for an x-ray to see if it may become lodged.

I'm sorry you have to experience this but this is the dangers of using rawhide. There are far more better chews for dogs that are much safer.

Many imported rawhide products actually use formaldehyde to preserve them. If it a USA product, they are usually safer.

But I would seek a vet assistance as soon as possible.

Please respond back after this is over if you want good, solid nutritional advice for feeding and for treats.

Good luck and let me know,



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