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As a dog owner, it is quite difficult to know how much to feed a dog but common wisdom has it that we must give a dog, a good meal in the morning and a light snack at night. But how much should a dog be fed daily?



Hi Hector,

Most experts recommended feeding an adult dog twice daily: in the morning and in the evening, and to always have clean water available to your dog. Many people also give their dogs a snack (such as a Milkbone, etc.) between meals and just before bedtime, but treats are purely optional. Actually, a couple of slices of apple (but not the seeds) or a baby carrot or two are really good dog treats that are as healthy for your dog, as they are for you.

Because the nutritional values in dog foods can differ quite a lot, how much you feed your dog will vary depending on the brand of food used. The amount of food fed an adult dog should be based on his or her size and activity levels. All dog foods have feeding guides on the package. Following the feeding suggestions of whatever brand of food you're using is a good place to start, but that amount isn't cast in stone. If your dog looks like he/she is either gaining or losing weight, then feed a little more or a little less. Younger more active dogs may require a little more food, while older or less active dogs might need less food, or simply require the amount of food that's recommended on the package.

Here is a chart that might be helpful in evaluating if your dog is under or over weight, or at it's correct weight:

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