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Hi Gary,

Is raw meant good for dogs? I heard it causes mange and can make the dog dangerous. I heard before being given to dogs, it must be either boiled or cooked. I read somewhere read that diary products shouldn't be given to dogs. But I had a friend who used to give his dogs milk for a very long time and when I saw that dog, it looked pretty tough. So what should we feed a dog with and what not?



I would not give raw meat to my dog, it's not good for us and its not good for them. I give my dog milk every day and I have read articles about how it is bad for dogs. My dog drinks water all the time and that cant be fun so we give him milk and he loves it.

I know you need something soft and your local pet shop has stuff in a refrigerator. It is all natural and has no preservatives at all in it. I have also heard of people using cooked meat and white rice for their dogs.

I gave my dog a little milk one day and a little more the next day and so on. I wanted to make sure that it would not make him sick. I would suggest you try that also just to be on the safe side.

as always, if you have any more questions I am here for ya  

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