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Dogs/chinese crest 12 day old puppies


should i be doing anything for the skin of these hairless <mostly> pups...Their mom is a maltipoo and I have just been reading that they need moisteriser,,or are they to young?
Thank you

Great question....great dogs ;-)

What you will need to do is bathe them and use a good pup shampoo. You wont need to use moisturizer. That will cause skin problems. They also have problems with their teeth so its best to start brushing teeth right away and get them used to it. When they start to eat you should  feed them a good dog food from a pet shop, stay away from big box stores the food is just crap. It's also best to give them a good spoon full of wet food for flavor. I ran a high end pup shop and we fed all our pups dry food with a big scoop of wet. If you have a follow up question feel free. ;-)



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