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QUESTION: I have a female standard goldendoodle a little older than 5 months. We have taken her to a local dog park a few times to tire her out, and she loves it there. She loves all of the people and dogs, but sometimes I worry that she is playing to rough. When we put her with the big dogs, they tackle her and she always rolls onto her back until they back off. They chase each other around, but the other dogs sometimes jump on her while they are running full speed, and she falls in awkward positions with great force. There is also an area for the smaller dogs, but she is to big to play with them safely. Last time we where there, she was constantly forced onto her back by a Newfoundland, and although both dogs seemed happy, I am very worried that she is going to get hurt. She seems to little to play with the big dogs, but is to rough to be with the little ones. Should I separate her from the big dogs and wait for her to grow some more? She has never fought with any of the dogs, I am just worried about the high speed tackles.

ANSWER: Maureen,

When she rolls over on her back she is telling the other dog that she is giving up so you might want to wait a few more months until she gets bigger. Golden's love to play (I have one)  Seems that the other dog plays too rough for her right now.

Enjoy your new pup and if you have any more questions feel free to call on me. Always here ;-)


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QUESTION: Thank you for your help. Our dog had always been quiet, but two weeks ago our neighbor blew his leaf blower at her, and now she barks at everyone and everything. She runs out of our yard to bark at people and other dogs. She has never hurt anyone, she just barks at them and run/jumps around them. We have enrolled her in a puppy class and she doesn't bark at the people or dogs there or any people or dogs on walks, it is mainly any noises, people, or dogs while we are at home that set her off. She also barks when people come to the door, which she had never done before either. Thank you again!


I had the same problem with my dog. He got along fine with the other dogs in my condo but one day he just started barking at them. Then everyone with a dog made a point to stay away from us because Buddy was barking loud and acting mean. You could let the person in your class know about this but I can also help you with it. I stopped buddy almost completely in a matter of days.

 You can have someone (a family member) knock on the door but just before tell her not to bark, if she is good give her a treat and plenty of praise. For now keep her away from other people  and again tell her NO in a very firm voice...You can give a tug on the leash also. My dog wears a harness and I can give him a good tug when he is not being good. Always remember when we walk our babies we are in charge. This does not mean we hurt them but we let the know. as babies their mom would turn them on their backs and growl at them.

 The leaf blower probably scared her and its going to take some work to get her back to where she was. You have her in class so that is the big step.

My buddy has been doing good with the other dogs so if you get in front of this with her she should be fine in no time.

Always here for ya ;-)



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