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Our 10-year-old pit bull has recently started acting restless, panting and following us around the house at certain times of the day - usually about an hour or two before we feed and walk her in the late afternoon, and after we get back from walking her. She settles down at night and sleeps normally. She's always been happy and healthy, and we've made no changes in our routine. Is this just a normal part of her aging?

Hi...its a little difficult to be definitive as I cant see the action but given u say your dog is 10 and this has just started and when it happens I would look at the following things....
1. Is she up to date on heartworm preventative?  
2. Is it a lot warmer, humid or hotter in your area of late that increases her body heat while active?
3. Do u live in an apartment or does she have access outside for toileting whenever needed? Bladders get weaker with age and she may be getting anxious before walk time cos she's been holding on and now knows relief is near!
4. Does she tire quickly on her walks or pants more heavily then?
5. How long since she's had a complete physical, blood work etc?
6. Has anything untoward happened on any walks before this started?
7. Pits, staffys, bullies etc are all super good at covering pain and just dealing with it!  You are confidant your routine  and environment hasn't changed, but have you noticed if she's been a bit stiff getting up anytime recently? Been chewing at any body part, limped during or after play or rest?

Don't want to alarm you but excessive panting can be indicative of a heart condition/s, anxiety or fear, over heating and a few others. Plus she's a senior citizen now moving into her twilight years and like us can develop health issues as bodies begin to age and slowdown.. You are right to query this and you've done so because you know your 4 legged family member better than anyone. Your girl relies on you for everything and because of this she's showing something is up and needs you to follow through.
My advice in the first instance would be answer the Q's above and see if any may align with new behavior but then more  importantly make an appt with her vet ASAP and get a full physical and blood work up done to rule out any medical issues that may be causing your girl concern as If, as you said  your environment and routine hasn't changed and she's not had any fearful experiences on her outings....then something is up! Whatever is causing her distress shes trying to tell you and is seeking comfort so find out for her so you can both rest comfortably.
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