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Do you think dogs can talk?

Dear Sunstream,

Interesting question. I do think they can talk..not in human tongue but in the way that dogs communicate with one another.  They certainly have a very evolved communication system between each other that descends from their ancestors, the wolves.  Their body language, which is their main form of communication, is highly complex and works much better in some ways, than human communication does.  It is clear, precise, and all dogs understand each other, no matter where they come from.  It is a universal language.

As far as "talking" to humans, once humans understand dog body language and once they tune into their own dog, it is apparent that dogs do in fact communicate or "talk."

When you train your dog, you establish a third language that both of you "speak" and understand.  It is magical and quite amazing!  The more you read about dogs, the more you work with your dog and the more you pay attention to what your dog is trying to tell you, the more you will see, that your dog is indeed "talking" to you.

Best of luck.

Shelley Davis

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