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Do you believe in dogs communicating with people?


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Dogs most certainly communicate with people, they just don't do it in a spoken language. A few examples of proof that dogs communicate with us are seeing eye dogs for the blind, dogs used by the police to search for drugs, and dogs used for rescue work.

But even the average pet dog that isn't trained to do a "job" communicates with it's owner. Dogs use a variety of different ways to tell you their feelings. For example how it holds it's body could give you warning signs of aggression (such as widened eyes, sharp and extended staring, bared teeth, holding it's tail high, or growling and having curled lips).  While a dog wants to communicate to you that he loves and appreciates you would use a totally different set of body cues. He might roll over onto his back to show you his belly, lick you, or wagging it's tail. In time, when you own a dog, you learn what your dog wants, what he likes, what he dislikes, and even and what he wants you to do, just by watching and learning it's behavior.

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