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Ever since my dog had her first heat cycle she will not eat her food.  Long story, short version..  she went into heat the day before she was scheduled to be spayed.  I chose to wait till her cycle was done to have her surgery.   She didn't eat well during the two week cycle.  Now she still won't eat.  She drinks water.. she has an appetite because she wants her treats.  I have tried several dog foods.. dry and canned but she won't eat it.  She doesn't seem to be losing weight.  But I am concerned.


It's best to keep her on the food she is used to eating. Changing food should be done by adding new food to the old every day for about a week, more new and less old. This could be the problem. You could go to your local pet shop and get a tube of vitamins. I cant think of the name of it but you would give about an inch 3 times a day for a small dog so if she is not eating she will still be getting all the nutrients her body needs. Just squeeze an inch on your finger and put it on the roof of her mouth. If she is a big dog they have bigger size tablets for the larger dogs.

That is the quick fix for now, we still need to find out why she is not eating. Try to cut out the treats for a day and use her original dog food (dry) and add a good sized table spoon of wet (can) and mix it up really good and see if she eats it. Don't be afraid to take some of her food and open her mouth and put it in there (small amount) Let her taste it and that might be enough to get her to start eating again.

You can always call your vet and ask his/her opinion. Some vets will push a certain brand of food stay away and just feed her what she used to eat. After she is eating again you should switch her over to a all natural diet. There are some great dog foods at your local pet shop. Try to stay away from your big box store dog food, it's like feeding your dog McDonalds every night.

I hope I answered your question ;-)  Feel free to shoot back a follow up question and let me know how she is doing in a few weeks. Take care



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