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Dogs/cut right rear pad on paw


QUESTION: I want to treat with gause and Neosporin, but my dog is resisting, how can I get him to let me do what I need to, with out pulling, jerking away, and barking and biting

ANSWER: Hi David...
A bit more info would be a bonus like what kind of dog,  age, size , health and importantly how bad the cut is, what he/she cut it on, how fresh it is etc.
But really the bottom line is your dog needs to see your vet straight away.If your dog is behaving that way then its fearful, in pain and needs a professional to sedate your dog to minimise stress, clean the wound thoroughly, stitch if necessary, give antibiotic shot, ongoing oral antibiotics, anti inflammatory and pain shot, wrap in proper dog bandaging then review for healing etc in a week to 10 days.
If money is an issue then contact your closest animal welfare and ask if they can assist or work out a payment plan with the vet. But we have a responsibility to keep our pets in good health as they cant and we are not vets so treating it wrongly will do more harm than good.  When your dog gets its very tender pad infected,  which it will if not treated properly, not only will it suffer in pain and get sick but it could end up with blood poisoning and or have to lose a limb from spreading infection. All this is preventable.
Your dog is telling you very clearly that its in pain as pads are sensitive,  it doesn't feel well and dont touch me as I'm scared. Let a qualified vet do the job and you'll be doing the right thing for your loved canine.
Good luck,  please get there asap.
regards Leigh-Anne

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I normally would've brought him to the vet, but its late Saturday night, and we're not rich , so we were trying to avoid an emergency vet bill.  It happened when he was playing in a local creek with other dogs, he is a German Shepard, 9 months old, and about 90 lbs.  It happened earlier about 5 pm on 6/28, (the same day I asked the original question.  Its looks to be skinned, rather than cut, he will let me look at it and hold the paw, even put peroxide on it and we also put Neosporin on it. But when I went to wrap it he growled n pulled and jerked. He didn't really bite , but let did sound unlike ive ever heard him before, and I guess posed the threat of biting, I don't really think he would though. He's not really whining or showing alot of pain, he's. Just favoring it, and licking and biting at it, usually only after I touch or look at the paw.  I know someone , who used to run a vets office, so I'm gonna have her look at it tomorrow, or do u think I should immediately get him to the vet. He's still exited to go outside and if j pick up my keys, he thinks we're going somewhere, so the only real difference is his limp, and he won't let me bandage it.  Am I wrong for waiting until Monday to take him to the vets office.  There was no bleeding and it doesn't seem to be opened, just s small flap of skin of pad hanging off, or do you think I would be taking too big of a chance.  He's staying off it for the most part, but still basically follows me everywhere I go, ie. To get a drink, use the bathroom, fridge, go outside for a smoke, he follows , that's why I think its not so serious

Hi David
thanks for the follow up info. He sounds like a beautiful dog, they are very loyal intelligent pooches! Ok so...I hear you bout the money, its like we have big signs on our chest saying....I love my dog pls charge me the earth cos im bringing him in on a WE cos hes had an accident. ..when we walk thru the AH vets door! Its the same in Oz believe me!
So, to take now or not to take, thats the Q. As you acknowledged he does need to go. But how urgent is it? Not being able to see the injury makes it hard but given he is limping,  licking, biting at it shows its hurting him and dogs hide pain very very well. Also with not being sure what he injured it on, if it was a rock, stick, some other sharp foreign object?  Is the creek clean? Does it run fresh clean water or does it have its share of human throw away junk in it?
Another big Q is your boy up to date with his vaccinations as well? He's let you pour some peroxide on it which will help somewhat but if he wont let you hold him to bandage it, which I must add is typical of a young adolescent dog,  then hes a bit fearful and would also be bruised and sore. Pads are very sensitive and vet may want to trim that flap off or glue it or stitch once they've flushed it clean etc. When a dog constantly licks a wound they will do more harm than good so if u can cut the bottom out of a bucket and  put some slits in it and thread his collar thru it to gently secure over his head, this will stop him getting to it until monday morning at least. I dont believe in crating dogs unless for safe travel but in this case if he wont allow u to bandage it then keeping him off it until seen by vet will help. So if you have a crate large enough for him to stand up in and turn around then pop him in there for short periods so as to stay off it and not follow you around. If you dont have one perhaps tie him up for short periods or confine him to a smaller room etc. If u can keep the tongue away and rest it, swab with betadine or peroxide 2-4 times a day and keep close watch on if he stops eating or throws up etc you will probably be ok. But definitely get him to the vet first thing Monday. He'll need the right antibiotics,  checked to ensure nothing stuck in it and its clean etc etc  Of course if you notice his foot and lower leg is swelling go straight away.
Should you be worried about anything at all then dont hesitate but do ask the vet before consult if they'll allow you to make payments. Most will as they are animal lovers and prefer you make sure your family members are ok than not come at all cos cost stops us.
Often when I hand over a weeks pay for a vet bill I think Im surely working in the wrong profession! Should have been a vet.
All the best David Im sure he'll be fine and heal well when treated.  


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