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I have a small dog that is 13 years old in the last year he has developed a cough.  I took him to the vet and she told me his heart sounded fine.  I have a lot of cats and I was wondering if it may be cat hair he is swallowing.

Hello Alma
What breed of little dog is your boy? Little breeds nearer to the ground are more prone to breathing in allergens, dust and dander and yes cat fur and the saliva on the fur which is the main cause of asthma from cat allergies in humans and can affect dogs.
With the cough, is it constant? Does he snuffle or labour when breathing and its quick like he cant quite get enough air?
You were right to take him to the vet as coughing can be associated with heart problems. Did your vet do any blood work to check all his levels, ensure all his vital organs are functioning well, lungs clear, thyroid etc etc? Being a grand old senior, bodies do start to strain, get tired, and they cant fight off things as quickly etc. Is he up to date with vaccinations, heartworm preventative? Did your vet check for Heartworm while there?  Are all your cats Vaccinated, wormed, no cat flu or viruses, sneezing?
Theres a couple of things that could be causing this cough as Ive mentioned already or it could be allergies, cat fur or dare I say it, something more sinister.
An ongoing cough of over a year in a senior dog should be investigated further. A healthy dog doesnt cough so something is not right. Perhaps seek a second opinion of a different vet and ask for blood screen and a quick heartworm test. Once you have an outcome it can be treated and your little fellow will be able to enjoy his Golden years comfortably.
all the best Alma and I do hope it turns out to be something minor and easily treatable.
kind regards Leigh-Anne


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