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Hello, I have a pregnant shih tzu who is 60 days pregnant. For the past week it was around 99 degrees, but today it dropped to 98.4 and then 97. I took her temperature again a few hours later and it was 101.4. Will labor begin soon or is it still another day or so? Today she resisted food and vommitted but tonight she is eating again. Thank you so much

Rachel, this is the nerve racking time, isn't it?  Do you have a vet that you have alerted to the fact that her due date is near?  I think, if your counting is correct, she has another day or two, but I don't like that she has vomited.  I think you should contact your vet just to talk to him and tell him that.  If she doesn't have them by Monday bring her in for an Xray to see if a pup is stuck in the canal.  97 is pretty low and she should be going into labor soon.  Is she nesting? finding corners to hide in and trying to dig up the floor?  That is the sign she is in labor also.  Keep a close watch.  If she gets a brown or green or black discharge from the vulva, then rush her to the vet, that means a dead pup.  If it is clear it is ok.  Once she starts labor (and you can see the waves down her back) don't let her go longer than 12 hours without taking her to the vet or at least calling him.


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