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Hi! I have a question about my aunt and uncles dog, Ellie. She is a mixed breed about medium size short hair and around 6 years old. They've had her for many years. We've brought our 7 year old female Brittany spaniel, Dixie out there to play with her for the past few years and they have always gotten along, just a few playful fights. Just a few weeks ago Ellie attacked our dog Dixie but we stopped Ellie. It happened again not long after that and she was biting onto my dogs neck and it was kinda bad but we stopped her. Now they told me that Ellie just killed a wood chuck. We are now scared to bring Dixie out there because Ellie has started this behavior. Like I said, they've had her for many years and she's never acted like this. They're now thinking about maybe giving her away. Is there a cause for this behavior? I don't think it's normal, but if it's how she's going to be for the rest of her life then they may give her away. I'm thinking there could be a reason she has started this scary behavior but I'm not sure. Any advice would be great!

Thanks for the question. When you bring another dog into the hose it does create a problem as 1 dog has to be the alpha. It seems to me Ellie just got to the time  when she had to show dominance. Why she did not show this before I do not know. When someone is bringing a new dog to the home we always tell them to meet somewhere away from the home...This way they meet on neutral a local park and its a good idea to tell Ellie that her friend is coming to see her

When they both know who the alpha dog is the fighting should stop. As for the woodchuck that is just normal for a dog. My dog is a 100# lap dog but a few weeks ago he brought us a bird. He never went after birds before or has since.

If meeting away from your aunt and uncles house does not work out then it does not look like they will ever get along.   Let me know how it goes and feel free to send a reply.



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