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Hi Gary,

I have a 6 month old Australian Cattle dog. He's been the easiest puppy to train and is such a cuddle bug. For about the past month we have notice that he has remained relatively skinny, you can slightly see his ribs. We havent had him weighed since he was 4 months old when he weighed about 17 lbs, so I can't make an accurate estimate to how much he is now. But he has had two diarrhea incidences during this month, each only lasting about a day/ day and a half. He is recently still getting over his last episode, with his poop going from a yellow color with some mucus to darker orange and no mucus.  Our puppy has still maintained high energy levels and still has his full appetite. We used to feed him almost 2 cups a day (between breakfast/dinner) of purina puppy food until the loose stools started to happen. Hes now been on rice for about 2 weeks, which we have gotten back to feeding him a cup each for breakfast and dinner. There is nothing specific that we can remember of for him eating something off the street. We aren't sure if it is some type of blockage, we are almost positive it isn't worms because hes maintained his energy and appetite. Could it be a development of some type of allergic reaction to his puppy food? We have called the vet and they said not to bring him and wait for his poop to get back to normal, and if it happens again, then to bring in a stool sample. But we want to try to avoid the vet because of the high vet visit price.
Could you maybe give us your opinion?


Thanks for the question,

For starters I know that dogs do not like to get on the scale but if you weigh yourself and then pick up your dog and weight both of you...That's an easy way to find out how his weight is then you can tell if he is having trouble with his weight. Purina is not a good dog food. I tell everyone to buy organic from a pet shop. Blue buffalo is a good brand for this. Stay away from your box stores for dog food...You can read the ingredients on the Purina and you will see oats and or corn  or corn meal as a first ingredient. It also has mechanically separated chicken.  Get a food that has meat or chicken as the first ingredient. The box store food is like feeding him McDonalds every day just change the food abruptly. Put in some new and take out some old and make it a week or so of adding the good stuff and taking the bad stuff out.

There are several types of worms that animals can get and if it was the popular type of worm you would see it in his stool. Most vets would ask for a stool sample while having diarrhea but he is the DR and I am not so go with what he tells you on this. The rice is the right thing to give him.

He still has a high energy level so that is a really good sign, they cant tell us what's wrong with them but we can tell by the way they act.

There is a food supplement, it comes in a tube, its called NUTRICAL your local pet shop should have it. Its a vitamin supplement for pups,  you just put about an inch of the product on your finger 2-3 times a day and most times the dog will lick it right off...if he does not just put it on the roof of his mouth.

I am not a vet but I do not think its an allergy. He would be showing signs.

I know the vet is costly but if things do continue that would be your next step.

Let me know how he is doing and please feel free to ask any questions you have from here.  ;-)



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