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Dogs/Diarrhea problems with Trixie


Hi, Roger-

Trixie has been having bouts of diarrhea and I was wondering if there was an easy way to pinpoint the problem.  I have been switching up her canned food brands quite a bit and that might be the issue.  The canned foods that I have been using is Natural Balance, Merrick Whole Earth and I recently purchased a new one called By Nature 95% Turkey and Bacon (she's only had a few servings of this one).  These are all Grain Free canned.

I even took her off the probiotic trying to rule  that out as well.  I know the probiotic is good for her digestive tract and really should not be creating GI upset but I was doing research and it could have side effects.  I actually took my shih-poo off the probiotic because he was getting ill but again, I am not sure that that was his problem either. He is older and does get sick more often than she does with throwing up and diarrhea. This episode was awhile ago and not recent for him.

Trixie has been having flatulence as well periodically.  I think boxers are known for that but she never really exhibited that issue much.

Do you have any recommendation(s)?


Hi Lisa,

Sorry to hear about your recent issues. Let's go over a few things and see what we can find.

First, switching her foods like you are is great. Typically, the more you switch foods, the stronger their digestive system is and usually can handle more foods.

Her system might just be not doing well on one particular ingredient in one of those foods. We've seen that before. Just sometimes even giving the best of foods and the enzymes and probiotics, some foods will just not sit right.

Typically too much probiotics can have an adverse affect but if she's been getting the recommended dose without problems before, then that should not be an issue.

I would be careful about eliminating the probiotics, especially if they are getting older. These good probiotics help fight off the bad bacteria that causes so many diseases.

Make sure both dogs are getting the enzymes with each meal.

The flatulence problem is a typical sign of indigestion and it is common in boxers and labs. If you are giving the probiotics, then something in her food is just not agreeing with her.

I would probably try getting her on a lower fat food for a little while until these episodes stop.

I don't know if you are doing any dry or not but that's the hardest on the digestive system. If you are, I would eliminate that and just use canned until she is over this.

The grain free is best for dogs but along with the high protein comes higher fat. Sometimes this can be upsetting for dogs.

You could try some canned of something like Evanger's Senior (more info here: or similar lower fat food. Even if it has some good grains in it as this will be easier on her digestive system until this is over.

To help stop the diarrhea, you can try the Phytomucial Blend from Animal Essentials. We keep a bottle of this and of their ginger formula in our fridge for upset tummy's. These both work great. I don't know if you use their enzyme and probiotic formula or not but it's a good one we use. You can see their tincture page here:

I would also look to include some canned pumpkin in both dogs food daily. Pumpkin is a natural regulator for both diarrhea and constipation. It's full of good nutrients as well. We sell organic canned pumpkin on our shelf. But you can just get some canned pumpkin from the grocery store. Make sure it is 100% pumpkin without any other fillers.

Give them a teaspoon or two once a day with their food. A little trick that we did to keep the rest of the pumpkin in the can from going bad was to put it in an ice cube tray and freeze it. Then you can pop out one or two every couple days and thaw them.

I'm sure we've talked about raw before and all its benefits. But it don't work for everyone and every situation. If you do ever want to talk about it and how to transition to a raw diet, let me know. It's what we do and it keeps most dogs very healthy.

The next best thing to a raw diet is a newer food out from My Perfect Pet. We've been selling it for a while now and it's growing. It's a lightly cooked food. Much less processed than canned food. It's by far the next best thing to a raw diet.

They also make up specialty blends for kidney patient dogs, pancreas problems, and diabetic.

If you can get it in your area, you could try it as well. Very easy on the digestive system and they have some grain free as well. It comes frozen and individually wrapped bars. So you can thaw some out ahead of time.

My mom does not want to do raw so I give her this food for her dogs. When we rescue a dog that has some health issues, we use this food until we can transition them to a raw food diet.

So try to get her on a lower fat food or at least something that she was doing good on before, get a bottle of the phytomucil right away and start giving her the recommended dose.

Get her digestive system strong again and then start slowly introducing the other foods again.

If your shih-poo gets too lethargic and sick too often, get him in to test his kidney levels. We are seeing a lot of kidney problems in older dogs and it comes on fast. If he does have some kidney issues, let me know and we can go over some things that will help. He could use the phytomucil as well right now. Good for both of their digestive tracks.

I have a client here I got to go talk with, but I think I've covered everything I wanted to. If you still have questions or want to go over anything else, just wright back and we can talk more later.



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