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Wounded legs
Wounded legs  

Perianal tumour
Perianal tumour  
Thanks in advance for your answer.
I adopted a 6 years old male Siberian Husky in 2012. He has a perianal tumour that a vet left without surgery as she did steriziled-neutered it. He also has otitis and has had a treatment with Otiflex C. He only ate Master dog and then changed to eat DogChow (reduced calories). He had eaten some pieces of cooked meat.
Last month ,the siberian started some kind of inflammatory ,continuous itching, process in his ears, certain parts  from his abdominal wounds,inside  knees and legs (look pictures).

One vet decided to use Galmedic (gentian violet with sulfato de atropina) - to kill parasites near perianal tumour and also in the sores parts. I hope that soon he will have a check again and hopefully a surgery. I wish that!

The vets here decided to give them Fluconaxol and  weekly medical bath.

I have been cleaning his wounds with  Gentian violet, iodine-alcohol, "croton lechleri" . He also took Alerflam.

They decided only give him dry Dog Chow,also suggest to change only Premium food. They said not to feed him with any kind of meat,chicken or fish.

I have been researching about huskies diet and there are a lot of contradictions. I am worried that the vets recommendation is not the best for his condition and most of the vets don´t have an holistic approach. Some of them only consider to prescript only medicines but giving the real answer to the requirements.

I agree and did to feed him with small amounts with fruits (apples,bananas,papaya),  tomatoes ,potatoes, vegetables-chicken soup, rice. He likes soy yoghurt and cheese.

I would like you to recommend me how can I increase his inmunology. I read that most of the skin problems and other diseases are related to Zinc and other disbalance diet and minerals needs.

Blessings for you ,Thank you !!

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Hi Rosa,

Sorry to hear you are having so many issues with your dog. This can be very troubling and costly.

You are doing a great thing by thinking your vet does not have all the right answers and taking it in your own hands to find better answers. Their specialty is in medicine and most know very little about nutrition.

To put things plainly, EVERYTHING starts and happens almost always because of the diet. A bad diet causes a weak immune system. Once your dog has a weak immune system, all these bad things start happening. I've seen it over and over again.

This is what is happening to your dog. He has not eaten good food. The Master Dog Food and Dog Chow are very bad foods. These and similar high grain based dog foods are what's causing so many health issue with our pets these days.

The main problems ingredients are wheat, corn, soy, by-products, gluten, chemical preservatives and artificial coloring's.

You need to learn what ingredients are best for your dog and stay away from the bad ones.

The vets decision to keep him on dry foods will only make things worse. This can not and does not make any sense.

Dogs were never meant to eat dry processed foods. They are meat eaters. Their diet needs to be very high in moisture. Dry foods have no moisture.

We've seen so many dogs on dry food only diets develop your dogs problems as well as many other serious health conditions.

Even the best dry food is still the worst diet for any dog. A dog on a dry food only diet will actually live in a mild state of dehydration. This effects their internal organs and will weaken their immune system. They typically drink a lot of water trying to make up for the lack of moisture in their foods. They will never get enough that way.

You need to look at what nature intended your dog to eat and thrive on. What is their natural diet? It certainly is not anything from a dry bag of food or something out of a can.

Their natural diet is the prey model diet. In other words, raw foods. They kill their prey and eat it. Animals have been doing this for thousands of years.

Animals out in the wild do not have these kind of health issues our pets are having. It's because we are feeding them foods they are not supposed to be eating.

Your dog is suffering from a weak immune system and its only going to get worse. You vet is pumping him up with pills and just masking the real problems.

Your right about this not being a holistic approach. I don't know if you have any holistic vets in your area but you may want to see if there are any. These guys can help you rebuild his immune system and let him heal himself.

We had a husky a few years back. We had him since he was a baby. We didn't know anything about proper nutrition back then. After 3-4 years old, he started developing these skin conditions and hot spots and bloody soars and more.

Trips to the vet office only masked the problems with antibiotics and steroids. I started researching as you are doing and discovered that wheat was one of the biggest culprits hurting his immune system.

We took him off any grain based foods and went to grain free dry and canned foods. He started getting better right away.

I discovered that our dogs thrive best on a raw food diet. We started feeding some raw foods and he got much better.

He lived until he was almost 18 years old.

I can't tell you to take your dog off of any prescriptions that your vet put him on. I'm not a vet and it would not be ethical.

But I can tell you what has worked for other dogs and you can take it from there.

First, I would get your dogs off on any grains. Read the dog food ingredients that you buy. Look for grain free foods only.

If you can get him on some canned grain free foods, that would even be better. If you can't afford all grain free canned right now, then get him on as much as possible and supplement the rest with grain free dry foods.

I would not do raw food right now because his immune system is too weak. I would only look to feed grain free canned.

You also must supplement his diet with enzymes and probiotics. These are very critical. These vital nutrients are found naturally in a raw food diet but are destroyed when foods are cooked. These are missing nutrients in most every dogs diet and that makes the diet incomplete.

No diet can be complete without these missing co-factors. These are the "live" nutrients that do so much for the immune system.

Missing these enzymes and probiotics are the main reason why so many dogs are having such bad health conditions.

I don't know what kind of natural dog food stores you have in your area but try to find ones that do carry these type of supplements.

They come in a powder and you just sprinkle some on each meal. This is the number one thing you can do for your dog now.

A good one we carry in our store and use ourselves is from Animal Essentials. There product has both enzymes and probiotics in one bottle. Very easy to add to meals.

The enzymes break down the foods far enough so that he will get the most nutrition out of whatever he is eating. More nutrients getting through means a stronger immune system.

The probiotics will help build his immune system as the good bacteria will fight off the bad bacteria that is taking place in his digestive system.

If you can't find it in your area, you can order some online. Amazon carries it, you can read more about it on the manufacturers site here:

They also have some green powders that will help build his immune system.

Get the grain free foods, add supplements like the enzymes and probiotics, some green powders, and you will see a difference.

You can also give him some of the fresh meats and veggies you were talking about. You see these are much less processed than dry foods. This makes them much easier to digest.

Anything you do you must start slowly. His system is weak right now. Any big changes will just upset his digestive system.

As you slowly change his diet, he will get stronger and his immune system will start getting back to normal. Once this does, you can start getting him off some of the things that the vet has put him on.

As I mentioned, if you have a holistic vet in your area, go see them. They have the products and knowledge to heal your dog through nutrition.

Once he is over these issues and his immune system is strong again, you may want to consider getting him on a raw food diet.

He will thrive the way nature intended him to do.

We feed our dogs and cats raw foods exclusively. We still add enzymes and probiotics to each meal just to give their digestive system that much more help.

If you get to the point of wanting to switch him to that kind of diet, I will be happy to help.

If you have any more questions about all this I've talked about, please feel free to write back with your questions and I'll try to answer them.

If you have a Kindle or Kindle app on your computer, you can purchase an e-Book my wife and I wrote. It's short and about choosing the right food for your dog on any kind of budget. It's available on Amazon here:

It's only about $3 US dollars. It helps beginners to learn about what's in dog foods and what to look out for.

But for now, keep doing the treatments the vet tells you to until you can make some of these changes.

But get him OFF the wheat and other grain products as soon as you can. The wheat will continue to cause problems.

With a little work, you can get him his health back and have him thriving again. I'm sure of it.

Let me know if you have any questions on this or any other related issues. I wish you the best of luck.



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