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Dogs/how do i crate train my puppy


I have a 5 month old puppy named Leia. Leia doesn't like being in her kennel and keeps everyone up at night with her howling and whining. When I first got her I thought she would grow out of it but it has been three months! How do I her?

FYI she is very stupid


This is pretty normal a lot of dogs do not like being caged up at night. The simple answer is to put her somewhere that you wont hear her. Can you tell me about the crate. It should only be big enough for her to stand up and turn around and no blankets or towels, just 1 chew toy and water. Dogs are VERY clean animals and will not live where they poop or pee. When they poop or pee in the crate they are forced to lay in it and this is when the training begins. They do not like to be in the mess (who does) ;-)  after they do this a few times they will hold it in and the training begins. Feel free to reply with any information that will help.



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