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HI Shelly,
I have a shih tzu that has been diagnosed with lymphoma.  I have have on an all natural diet and we are following Steven Eisen's protocol. I see that you recommend cottage cheese and a TBS of flax seed oil several times a day as does Eisen. My girl has pancreatitus. Do you still recommend this or is there a substitute?

Hi Carol,

Thank you for writing to me and please forgive the delay in responding...I'm having awful time with my email and computer.

First let me express how sorry I am that your shih tzu is going through this disease.  I would recommend that you do some extensive research about cutting edge treatments for Lymphoma.  Diet is a very important factor in the recovery process.  I recommend an organic, natural diet which would be food like Primal (frozen raw).  Cancer feeds on sugar so any grains or added sugar are not recommended. I would also lean towards organic as well as filtered water.  

Here are a few websites that might be helpful:
- (you can tell Shirley that Shelley Davis from NY & Bed & Biscuit suggested that you contact her).

You need to clean up your dog's body (be sure to give GAIA Milk Thistle every evening to clean up the liver).  Feed organic food and a species supportive diet.  Check everything in your home for toxins from carpets to air wicks, scented products, etc.  Also check out what you are using on your lawn.  Keep everything natural.  Clean with vinegar instead of toxic solutions.  Etc

I haven't read Dr Eisen's book. I do know that flax oil and cottage cheese helps certain cancers.  I'm not sure about lymphoma.  You can use quark instead of cottage cheese and make sure that everything is organic.   Tumeric should be part of th protocol.

I wish you the very best.

Shelley Davis

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