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My puppy has worms and got medicine for it. The problem is he isn't eating his food and the medicine goes in his food. We only have 5 packets for 5 days and we've already used 2. His food is all soggy and disgusting. I'm so worried that his worms won't go away, and he could get really sick. What should I do????

Hi Sami
You didnt say how old your pup is or what All wormer youre using but two things....if pups have a belly full of horrid worms it can make them feel really ill and not want to eat and with such good noses they smell the chemical change in food and wont eat it either.
If pup under 6 mths then should be on 2-3 meals a day still so use its break fast as the tablet meal when its most hungry after no food all night. Try a treat it loves such as peanut butter, cheese, chicken or sliced ham and give it a couple of treats first then slip the tablet in the treat. He she should gobble it down unknowingly.  However if it spits it out then get puppy to sit, place your arm over shoulders around behind its head/neck and position hand under its chin, with other hand pinch tablet tween thumb and first finger and firmly prise/push the back cnr of lower jaw open with those two fingers. When it opens its mouth poke the tab down the back of the throat over tongue,  let go of the chin gently hold by top of nose and under jaw so closed and tilt head back slightly while stroking under neck til u feel it swallow. Hopefully its gone! If its liquid use a plastic syringe with no needle of course, poke end of syringe into corner of mouth like with fingers and tab & squirt in then  hold snout shut in same way rub neck etc. Then finish with a treat and lots of praise and redirect to something fun like game of ball.
If getting full proper dose taken is too difficult call your vet and ask if u can pop in for some help administering.  Most vets only too happy to help as prevention is better than cure. Once tab or liquid had been swallowed then offer its breakfast. Most wormers are fine on empty tummy unless vet says otherwise.  If youre now short 2 days and he she has worms you must make sure you get more and if it's 5 days worth then it must take 5 days worth. I don't know if u have Drontal or Canex in the US but it's a one dose treatment preventative so once puppy is clear you must maintain treatment of every 2 wks til 3 mths, then mthly til 6 mths then from 6 mths on its every 3 mths. Pups can be born with worms and its very taxing on their bodies making them very ill. If you have doubts that puppy is not egg, larvae and adult worm/s free please go to your vet and get professional help.
Do Try the treat cover up as little piggy pups a good treat goes down a treat! Next dose up though buy tabs from your vet over counter as theyll make sure you get the tastiest,  easiest and most appropriate tab for your pup and its current weight health and treatment.
Good luck....


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