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QUESTION: Can I leave my dog at the backyard all the time? My parents does not want him inside the house at all.  I thought he would have fun sometime inside.

I take him walking everyday.

ANSWER: Henry,

It's not a good idea to leave him outside all the time. The main problem would be the weather. Cold and hot are 2 things that is not good for your dog. He will also be covered in fleas and ticks...he will get heartworms, he will be lonely out there even if you visit him a bunch of times. He will start to get used to not being around humans and he could become mean. Just imagine how you would feel going from the house to living outside in the yard and only getting visits a few times a day. You can see the house you lived in but you cant get to it. Dogs have feelings also and he would be very sad living outside. I tell people that want a dog and are going to keep it outside. "Why bother getting one if you don't want to care for him"

 I would not sell a pup to someone if they are planning on leaving him outside. It's not fair to the dog. If the only way you can keep your dog is to have him live outside PLEASE find him another owner that will take him and let him live inside.

 Does he pee and poop in the house ? If so I can help you with that.


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QUESTION: Yes he pee and poop in the house.


You will need to get a crate to train him. Put nothing in the crate but a chew toy and water, it should only have enough room for him to stand up and turn around (that is what the extra piece of cage is for) He will stay in there whenever you are not playing with him. He will poop and pee in the crate and he will have to stand and or sit in the mess and that is when the training starts. If you need any more help feel free to ask. You can also look up crate training for extra help.



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