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My parents do not want my dog inside the house at all. Is it fine to keep him outside the backyard all the time? I thought he inside sometime is good for him.

Hello Henry
Im wondering what breed of best friend you have and what size and age he/she is? How long have you had your friend?
Its very sad that your folks dont want your buddy inside as yes you're correct, you should have your dog inside with you as much as possible because they are a pack animal and in the wild would be with one or more companions. It is not good for a dog to be left alone outside day and night as they crave attention and affection and can become destructive and bark alot if bored and lonely.  Do you take your dog out for runs and walks daily,  spend time training and playing together?  Does your dog have solid weather proof sleeping quarters that keeps him/her dry warm/cool etc with changing temperatures if having to sleep and be out? Thats very important.
Has your mum and dad given you a reason for not wanting him/her inside?  Is there room for compromise? For example if you provide a clean dry bed, basket or blanket you can put in the same place each night, keep it clean and train your dog to stay on that spot when he/she is inside do you think they'll meet you half way and let you bring your dog in for a few hours each day? Dogs get lonely and bored just like us and if theyre an only dog then its our responsibility to comfort them, play, train, exercise and look after them as they depend on us. They love us unconditionally and they deserve ours too. Dogs can live happily outside in the right environment with exercise and mental stimulation and you spending quality time with him/her.
Try talking with mum and dad and understand what their concerns are with him/her coming inside then try to address the concerns, if it's cleanliness then keep your friend clean,  groomed and flea free, if it's barking,  then train your dog to stop when told, allocate a bed area thats his alone etc. See what I mean?  Ask if they can please give you both a chance, explain the importance of having your dog share your company etc and see how you go. Ultimately I guess they set the house rules!
If they still don't want him in then you will need to step up your time spent together so your best friend has quality and quantity time from you.
Good Luck Henry I do hope mum and dad understand your need to have him/ her with you inside when you can and the love you have for your furry mate, but it wont be the end of the world if they still say no so long as you provide for him/her he can still be a happy much loved and well behaved family member also.
All the best......cheers Leigh-Anne


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