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Hi there! I recently adopted a 2 year old Daschund from what from what we (myself,neighbors that helped me get him,dad,boyfriend and Veterinarian) think was a bad situation (as in abuse and or neglect.) We think this because 1.) He's realy skinny...11.7 LBS at his 2 Vet appointments when he should be around 14-15 LBS according to my Vet. 2.) He's a fear nipper,shy around most men except my boyfriend and my neighbors husband (we think this might be because her husband came with us when we rescued him so he might think of him as one of his "heros" and he probably sees me cuddling with my boyfriend and figures if I'm safe with him then he is to>) He gets along with my dad fine BUT if he's in my room with me and dads comes in for some reason he starts barking and shaking really bad and its ONLY in THAT room when I'm in there with him...any other room in the home he's fine with dad. When I catch doing something naughty I grab his mouth, make him look at me and say no firmly. Being that he might have been abused by previous owners I dont really know how else to scold him. Please note that I would NEVER intentionally hit a dog. Also what is the best food to feed him that has protein in it? He's on Beneful Puppy Dry and Beneful Chopped Blends Wet food now. I'm a Daschund newbie.


I am VERY sorry it took me this long to reply. I get an e-mail from experts and it tells me vi have a question. Something happpened because  i did not get the question.Sometimes doxies will go to 1 family member...kinda like a doggie blanked...That is his "safe" place.

For his weight. There is stuff you can buy at your local pet/pup shop. I cant remember the name but if you ask they will know what it is. It is for smaller dogs. I would not sell a dog to a person that would not buy it. It is a tube and it is a really good multi vitamin. It taste really good. All you have to do is sqeezes out about an inch on your finger let him lick it clean. You can do this 2 times a day. It will give him all the vitamins he needs for a day. OK so we have weight problem taking care of.

As for the way he gets scared You would be right because if a pup is going to act like that he has been abused. We have a golden retriever and he was about 5 years old when we got him and he has nightmares 2-3 nights.He may be scared around men for the rest of his life. Just make sure that everyone at home interacts with him.

Dog food.    

This is a real big thing...what to feed your dog. Look at the ingreients  and if the fist words are not chicken  or fish or lamb or horse.   Blue buffalo has some great stuff. Do a check list with your stuff and the blue buffalo. If corn or oats is the first ingredient pass on it. Feeding him some wet food is a great idea. Wet does not have much "good things" in it but what it does is taste A LOT better so our dogs will eat it.

STAY AWAY from rawhide. Just think what the hard stuff will do in his little body. It is so hard for a dog to break it down. Some say its about 10-12 days before it would pass. Try pig ears or bull sticks.They even sell real bones that have been cooked and ready to eat.

As for the scolding the best way is to roll him on his back and say no in a forceful way. This is how his mom kept her babies  bebaving.

If at any time you have another question please shoot it at me.

I am glad that another rescue has a great family ;-)



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