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QUESTION: Hi there. I dont know if this is your area of expertese but i hope you can help me in a way. I have a male dog who has turned 15 this month. Last week he was sick and i took him to vets and he got anti sickness jag and antibiotics. On wednesday i picked up medication for doggy dementia as we think hes going down that road. But past few days hes not ate much and when he does he drinks alot and is sick so i dont know if thats because his stomach has been empty that its been to heavy for him and thats why hes sick. He is doing toilet normal. If hes same in next few days ill take him back to my vets on wednesday as its my day off. Just wondering if theres something im doing wrong. We have been giving him chicken and rice or toast and scrambled egg or chappie meat which he will eventually eat. But when he drinks too much hes sick. Can you give advice please. Thanks very much in advance.

Hi Lyndsey,

It's good you have plans to take your dog back to the vet, because that's what really needed.

Along with drinking a lot, is your dog urinating more that usual?

Ordinarily, withholding or limiting water intake is a way of preventing vomiting. If your dog has an upset stomach, drinking a lot of water can distend his already sensitive stomach and cause him to vomit. However, increased drinking can be s symptom of kidney or liver disease, and withholding water in this case, can make these conditions worse. It's also possible that excessive thirst is a side effect of whatever medications your dog was given.

If it were me, I'd call my vet's office and explain the situation (the excessive drinking and vomiting) because they are the real experts here. I'd do whatever they advise regarding whether it's safe to withhold water or not. Hopefully, they either have evening hours tonight, or are open tomorrow. If they say it's okay to withhold water, offering your dog a couple of ice cubes is a good way of limiting how much water he can get at any time.

In the meantime, continue feeding your dog whatever he'll eat. Several small portions spaced throughout the day will be easier on his sore stomach. You might also try offering 50% unflavored (unsweetened) cooked oatmeal and 50% low fat meat or baby food. If your dog is able to keep that down, by Sunday you can try 1 cup of cooked rice or oatmeal, 2 eggs and 1 pound of chicken liver. Chop the eggs and the liver and add them to the rice.
Keep feeding the smaller and more frequent meals.

I hope I've been a help.
Best of luck,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: He hasnt been sick so far today. Just small meals and little bowls of water. Im at my work just now but my sister says hes shivering. Ive made appointment on weds for my vets. I am kind of swaying towards addison disease. His symptoms are falling into that category. So will ask vets to test it. I will also take a urine sample too see if they can pick anything up with that.
But will continue with small drinks and meals until wednesday.


Hi Lyndsey,

Good that your dog hadn't vomited. I hope that trend continues! The shivering could be a response to fear, or it could be pain.

In dogs, Addison's Disease is called Cushing's Disease (Hyperadrenocorticism).  Although increased drinking is a symptom, so is an increased appetite. Urinalysis and blood work would confirm or rule out this suspicion.

I hope everything works out for your dog, and you!



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