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We have a 2 year old rescue terrier cross Toto ( cairn terrier and maybe westie or patterdale)had him since august 2014.  Would like to know how much exercise he should have, I normally walk him for about a hour around local area & park. Also is it alright to keep him on a lead as he can be aggressive with other dogs when off and a lot of times when on the lead?
The only background history we know is that he was a stray and the dogs home did say he was alright with other dogs but this hasn't been the case especially since he has been neutered.

Hi,  Amazing isn't it?  I have seen several dogs get more aggressive after neutering, but it might have to do with you not being more in control as well.  The more you are "the boss" the safer a terrier feels, (when they are actually paying attention).  That is the key, you must make sure he is paying attention to you!  To do that you must be very disciplined with him and take charge of his emotions.  How?  You eat before him,  you make him sit and stay and you go out the door first, when he even turns his ears toward another dog you turn ABRUPTLY and walk in another direction a few steps UNTIL HE IS CALM, then turn again.  He must not have a will of his own, it must always be your will that he must obey.  It takes a concerted effort in the beginning, but once you have his trust and loyalty there is nothing better on this earth than a terrier.

Watch your dog and learn his emotions it is detected in his intense look, his posture and his ears and tail.  See their positions when he becomes aggressive.  These will show up  before the actual act of aggression.  And more important than all these things is don't tense up when you see another dog as that tension will go right down the leash and stimulate your terrier to see what is bothering you.

You can change that tension in yourself with a simple statement and that statement is directed at your terrier.  You say.  "You have some nerve noticing that dog before me and reacting before I tell you that you can react."  That is the feeling you should have also, but not in a mad way, just in a calm way, matter of fact.

So hope this helps, if you need more get in touch at  where you can get cheaper flea treatments and ask questions.

Yes and hour of exercise is great, an all out run somewhere once a week is very helpful if you can do this, down by a beach or something where he won't get into trouble.  Of course I am assuming he goes out more than that to go to the bathroom or has a place he can go.


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