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Dogs/male marking before and after he was fixed


My wife and I got a 11 month old chiuwawa(not sure how to spell properly)and he would mark and pee on everything especially if we had anything new in the house.We had him fixed mind you my wife is close to 7 months pregnant and he pees on our bed and etc.We just bought that bed for 1700.00 and he peed on it soon as it was delievered.I don't want him to pee on the baby when he's born and I lose it on him or anything of the baby's.How do we stop this behavior when it hasn't stopped yet after a year with him?

Hi Jason,

Now its more like a habit for him to pee all over the place. If you go to your local pet/pup shop and get a bottle of Natures Miracle. That wiill take away any oder from his recent pee trips.

There is also a product called bitter apple. You spray that on or near any place and he wont go near there. Let him see you spray places with the bitter apple and spray a little on your hand and just let him taste it. It is a good product.

  Sonds like you have a dog that has not been house trained. At your pet/pup store you can get a cage. PUT NOTHING in the cage no newspaper no towel no blanket. Just a good chew toy...Not rawhide. The cage should only have enough room for him to stand up and turn around. The whole reason for this is dogs are very clean and they will not poop and pee where they live. He will have to go and he will go in the crate and he will make a mess but thats good he will start learning to hold it in. If you add anything in the crate  he will pww or poop and then cover it up with whatever you put in there.

You can keep him in there all night and during the day brong him out to play,if you are not playing with him put him in the crate. If you have a follow up question please feel free to send them.



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