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Have 10 no old Girlie who has been hyper but enjoyed being outside and was learning to go on walks. Suddenly she became frightened at everything outside. Have no idea what happened but will not go for walks and even in back yard she is obviously scared and jumping at every sound and movement. Don't know what to do. She has not been spayed as yet and has not had first cheat.

Are you trying to say 10 month old?  If so, have you tried driving her elsewhere to walk her?  Is there a sound that is bothering her or another dog around that is bothering her?  That is really strange, but lots of time it is a sound that they are hearing.  Try putting some cotton balls in her ears when you take her out.  See if that makes any difference at all.   AND  take her to a different location.  You are going to have to experiment to see what is bothering her before we can really fix this.
In the mean time, try the following:
Go out the front step, give her a treat and a lot of praise and play and bring her back in right away.  Do this until she is comfortable with this.  The treat you are to give her should be something really special like liver or liverwurst, this treat should be given ONLY when she goes out.

Get a friend who has a dog she likes to play with in your house and have them go out together.  Dogs learn a lot from each other.

Check to make sure the collar and leash you are using is not in any way hurting her.

Try a pinch collar, when you put it on her do not tug or pull on it, it is supposed to simulate the mother's bite and if she isn't immediately calmed by it by the time you reach the street, then remove it and try it another time.  Remember, no pressure on this, it is supposed to be for security.  I have had dogs calm down the minute I put it on them.  They think their mom is with them.
Try these suggestions and when you find out what frightened her get back to me and I will help you some more.


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