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Fianna is almost 16 years, large Black Lab mix with many problems. Getting on her feet is quite an effort (weak and arthritic in hindquarters) and often means stools come tumbling out, which she is unaware of and can't feel or stop. We have a product to spray the spots where she does this, which cleans and salvages the area rugs we covered the ceramic tile floor with to provide her with traction so she can use whatever ability she still has to get to her feet. The problem is the stools test normal (fecal samples) but are very odorous. It isn't the food either - Infinia grain-free salmon and sweet potato or bison and (sweet) potato with a little Evangers pure meat for dogs added (chicken or beef). So: Is there something we can give her that would mean less odorous stools? Maybe parsley capsules? Chlorophyll? Or? Thank you. She takes medicines and supplements already but nothing that would produce odor in stools.

Hi Vicki

Thank you for writing to me about Fianna.  At Fianna's age, digestion can be more difficult in breaking down and absorbing food and it's nutrients.  If you aren't yet giving her a digestive enzyme then I would suggest adding one to her diet before meals.  

When you say that she's had a fecal, did that include Giardia?  If not, definitely have that done.

Parsley capsules might help with the odor but they won't get to the root cause.  There are numerous possibilities and if your vet can't make any further suggestions, I would recommend taking Fianna to an gastro-intestinal specialist.

There is a product which is very healing to the bowels but expensive.  It's called VSL#3 (  and would be administered in the unflavored pack (not capsules).  The packs have to be kept refrigerated to preserve all the good stuff in them.  You might try giving her a month's worth and see if it helps.

If you are feeding her kibble, try mixing it with some water and letting it sit so it's easier for her to digest.

It is also possible that she's developed allergies to her food.  

At Fianna's age vaccinations would not be recommended.

I want to commend you on the great care you have taken of your dog over the years, and your dedication to her health and well being.

Best of luck and have a wonderful new year.


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