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we sent my dog to our breeder to AI on 8/12 & so far I really haven't seen any signs of pregnancy however about 2weeks ago my husband was in the hospital so I was having to leave her alone more often then she's used to & when I came home one night she followed me around the house as usual & then peed on the floor which is very unlike her so I scolded her & put her in the kennel outside for a little while when I went to get her to bring her back inside she began vomiting & peeing a lot & acting very strange she went to the edge of the woods & squatted as if she were peeing for what seemed like a longer than usual time she did that a few times then we went in & I cuddled with her feeling horrible knowing that I upset her so the next morning when I took her out she went back to the tree line to that spot as if she were looking for something my question is did my baby lose her babies?

It's possible.  Check to see if she has a dark discharge.  If she does, get her to the vet.  She could also have an infection and has passed some blood, which would draw her to the spot again.  Have the vet check her uterus or have an ultrasound done to make sure there are no dead puppies in there or a uterine infection. Both of these things can cause death, I always play it safe and have them checked; better safe than sorry By this time she should have been showing and she should be getting her milk in another week or two.  
Let me know how you make out, okay?


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