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I have 2 dogs, a Black Labrador mix who is almost 10 years old and 1 Chocolate Labrador mix who is 4 years old.
Since this morning, I am dog sitting a friend's dog for a week since this morning.  The dog is a Black Labrador mix who is a year and a half.
The dog is now asleep at my feet after going up and down the stairs too numerous times to tell.  My friends had told me that he would sleep in his cage but he cried when I closed the door which made my dogs bark.
At this time, the dog is upstairs and my dogs, who usually sleep upstairs as well, are on the ground floor.
Are there any tips and tricks for all the dogs to integrate as I would hate for my dogs not to come upstairs for a week.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

You didn't say what happens when they are all together, but I am assuming things are not calm.  so my suggestions:

Before you do any of the following, try getting a friend and take them all for an enjoyable walk together.  After about half hour to 45 minutes they may adjust enough to get along at the house.  You are bringing them all to a neutral territory when you do this, believe me it helps.
If this doesn't work, then try one of the following.

1   Get a very large bone, one the dog can't really chew up, and put it in the crate with your visiting dog.  You may want to get some for your dogs as well.  See if that calms the visitor enough to stay in the crate without whining.

2   Get a cardboard box the size a VCR or DVD machine would come in.  One of those brown ones.
    If you see ANY tension at all, slam the box on a table or gate or something, and yell "a, a,"  short A.  very loudly and as deeply as you can.  You want to simulate a growl.  Say deeply and sternly "no fight" or "lie down" etc  and let them all go in different directions.  they will cower for a minute then you tell them  "Good no fight" etc.  Whenever you are being assertive in a "dog way"  make sure your emotions are almost sounding aggressive.  Do Not be really angry, you must keep your assertiveness.  If it doesn't work the first time try again, timing is everything.

3   You can get an EXPEN, and put the visitor in that.  It is bigger than a cage with an open top so they don't feel confined.  He may still whine, but if your dogs go near it at least you have them separated.  
4    Check with your vet, but a little Benedryl  may keep everything calmer until they can get acquainted better.


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