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QUESTION: Hi my shitzu is 61 days pregnant I have been doin her temp for 5 days the first couple of days was ranging 99.8 to 100.3 yesterday it started slowly goin down then dropped to 96.6 so I thought that was a sign but then jump right bk up to 100.3 stayed like that till this afternoon then dropped to 97.6 but has gone bk up to 100.3 again am confused to what is happening is this the beginning no other signs bin scratching this morn but none since n isn't eating thanks

ANSWER: Dear Melissa,

Thank you for contacting me about your Shitzu.  I have to strongly advise you to get your dog to the vet as urgently as possible.  A sign of something wrong with a dog is when they are not eating, especially for a pregnant dog who is eating not only for herself but for her puppies as well.

Pregnant dogs, like humans, need prenatal care.  Special vitamins, tests etc.  Things can go wrong and result in death to the puppies and/or mother.  This is to be taken seriously.  Seasoned breeders are familiar with all these details so please take your dog to the vet immediately.  PLEASE!

So many things can go wrong during pregnancy, particularly for a dog without prenatal care.

Wishing you all the best

Shelley Davis

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QUESTION: Hi she is eating a little if I give her my food she will eat just think she gone of her dry food her temp as come bk down n seems to be staying down she is ok in herself could this mean labour is on its way


I am still urging you to take her to the vet for prenatal care.  Anything can go wrong.  She needs a vet to determine what's going on whether she is sick or not.  During birth if complications arise, it will be too late to do anything about it.  Would you not urge a human who is pregnant to see a doctor?  Do this for your dog who depends on your for doing the right thing.  Please.

Shelley Davis


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