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Dogs/Twin pets.


Dear Patti

Can there be twin pets viz dog, cat, Horse, Fish, Bird etc?.

Example - Twin Goldfish.

Could they be both Twin males fishes, both Twin Female fishes, one Male, one Female Twin fishes?.


Hi there,

I'm taking the time to respond just to tell you that sending these messages out to multiple experts at AllExperts will not ensure a response, as you may have already noticed.

Please stop sending these non-serious questions. Frankly you could find the answer by doing a simple google search.


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To date, I've owned 7 dogs, all of which have lived into old age. Having cared for them in all stages of life, I feel I can offer sound advice to other pet owners, and people considering getting a dog. I am knowledgeable about the AKC (American Kennel Club) dog breeds, training and exercise, caring for sick and elderly pets, feeding, as well as many holistic treatments pets can benefit from. My only request is that you write me using standard English and punctuation.


My life experience in this field is more like "on the job training" rather than an actual degree in animal welfare. You may benefit from my experiences over the past 30 years. Aside from the dogs I've owned, I'm also involved in "breed rescue" and have fostered several dogs, all of which have been adopted to wonderful "forever homes". I find helping people who want a dog very rewarding.

Real life experience, based on over 30 years of dog ownership.

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