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Dogs/Dog not sleeping after other dog passed


This is kind of long I apologize

I had 3 dogs. Two were litter mates and had been together since birth. When I adopted their mother she was pregnant and she gave birth at my house and I kept them both. My girl was very reserved and didnít really play unless it was with my boy. She was attached to my boy but he didnít really seem that ďattachedĒ to her I guess you could say. He is more of a people dog than a dog's dog. He would play with her if she initiated it but other than that they didnít lay together or really interact at all. My youngest male and her were pretty much attached at the hip wherever she was he was.

Both of my older dogs turned 12 this year. My girl was diagnosed with 2 different types of cancer last year both of which were inoperable and did not respond to any treatments. So while her days were numbered she was a happy pup and wasnít in any pain. The palliative care was working well for her. Then 2 months ago she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure after she developed a cough. Things deteriorated very quickly for her after that. One day she was running around my backyard with her tail going a million miles an hour and the next morning she was struggling for breath in my living room after we went for a walk. My oldest male refused to leave the room she was in on the morning she passed. And she did so while I was getting my keys to take her to the vet.   

Since then he hasnít been sleeping. It has been 2 weeks now. And it is only at night. I am not sure if it is because he is used to sharing the same area as her during the night or what is going on. He sleeps fine during the day but we donít really go into the bedroom during the day and he stays in the living room when I am at work. But the second we go into the bedroom at night he is on high alert and paces and whines all night. I leave my bedroom door open but he doesnít leave the room just paces back and forth whining all night long.

Does this seem normal after the passing of another dog? When my first dog passed he did not behave like this at all. But she did not pass at home she was taken to the vet. And my youngest dog is not behaving abnormally. He was a bit mopey acting for a couple of days and kept running to find my girl when I was get their leashes but other than that he is back to normal. I have taken him to the vet since it is worrying me and he is healthy. But they also didn't offer any solutions as to helping him. I have a second appointment with a different vet next week.


Thank you for writing to me about your dog.  I apologize for the long delay..with the holiday and a faulty computer I was unable to get to your question before now.

Your dog is apparently in a state of grief from the loss of your other dog.  There are Bach remedies that deal specifically with grief and loss that you can try. You can also try giving calming herbs at night such as  ProQuiet and Tranquil Tabs.  

If you put your dog on a leash and lead him into the bedroom, then close the door, he may stay there and calm down.  Try giving him a massage in the room at night and some treats before closing the door and going to sleep.

What you don't want is for your dog's anxiety to become a set habit so it's best to work with changing the behavior now by trying these different methods.

Here is a web page to view the remedies that can help your dog recover from grief:

You can also try having an on line consult with a homeopathic vet such as Dr Michele Yasson at Holvet who can prescribe a remedy for your dog. I have had great success working with Dr Yasson on my own dog's issues.

Wishing you the very best,

Shelley Davis

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