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I adopted a poodle from the animal shelter.  His hair was so long and matted that you could not tell what was under it.  He still walks like his legs are bound with the hair.  He is so withdrawn. We have a healthy pack.  Greyhound,pug,yorkie,shih tzu.  Will you please advise me on how to help him?

I hope you mean he has been shaved down and no longer has that hair on him, right?   

Before you do anything, I would make sure, with an Xray, that he doesn't have any deformation from being so constricted with hair, and take the vets advice on how fast you should proceed.
Then here is my experience with these things.

I got a nine month old dog from a breeder who had her in a four by six run.  Even after four months she still wouldn't walk in any direction more than a couple of feet.   So we went down to the beach and let her run, we ran next to her.  She came home and did better.  Each time we took her out for a run, she got better and better, but it took about a year for her to forget the confines of that cage.
You have to get him in an area where he forgets his past a bit.  Go somewhere he has never been and bring another dog with you that likes to run.  It doesn't have to be one of your own, but if he is special friends with one, use that one.  BE PATIENT.  It will take awhile, even if there is no limb damage.

If you think that he has become arthritic due to this, then I suggest you try the new lazer  treatments  or  the Adequan shots (much better than oral medications)  or Acupuncture.  I have had experience with all of the above and it may take one or all to work.

Hope this helps your little guy.


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