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I feed my 3 dogs bran every day, I noticed your earlier article on that subject and was concerned because most readily available bran cereals have aspartame or corn syrup or sugar and worse, raisins.  There are extremely few commercial cereals that are just bran.  Red Mill bran is one but is difficult to find.  Nature's Path is one but does have added ingredients about which I'm unfamiliar with their toxicity for dogs.  Is there a bran product you know that does not have added ingredients harmful for dogs?
Thanks you much for your time.


Hi Jeannie,

If feeding your dog bran daily seems to beneficial, then there's no harm in giving it to your dog.

Bran of course is a source of soluble fiber, and it's fiber that you're asking about, not really bran at all.  If you're concerned about feeding your dog a bran cereal containing sweeteners and raisins, a good option would be to use a fiber supplement such as Metamucil (or a generic form of Metamucil). Metamucil is nothing more than Psyllium fiber (fiber made from the Plantago ovata plant). It's available in unflavored/unsweetened powdered form, wafers, and capsules. Depending on the size of your dogs, they can be given anywhere from 1/4 teaspoon to two full teaspoons of Metamucil once or twice a day. You just mix it into their food. It's probably best to start off with a low dose to see that would suffice. It can take 12 to 72 hours to take effect.

While your dogs are taking Metamucil, they should be given plenty of fresh water so that they don't develop an intestinal blockage. If your dogs start to vomit,  stop giving the Metamucil and discuss your dog’s symptoms with your vet. Happily, Psyllium is generally safe and most dogs will not develop side-effects from it.

Still other fiber options would be small portions of canned pumpkin (the unsweetened 100% pure pumpkin used to make pies), mashed baked sweet potato, cooked unsweetened oatmeal, cooked brown rice, and unfrosted original Post Shredded Wheat cereal (0% sugar!). Just remember not to give your dogs too much fiber because they could develop loose stools.

I hope I've been a help.
Please feel free to write back if I can be of further help.



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