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We have a four month old black German Shepherd, she is a lovely puppy at home, she does all her sit, down etc. commands, but when she goes out she is so scared.  When we take her any where if there is a dog about she will bark, if people come up to her she barks, when on walks she pulls like mad to get back to the car, she shakes when we go and get her weighed at the vets, if she is outside and she hears any noise she shoots inside, she is so afaid of everything, what do you suggest we do to help her?  When she barks her back goes up and she goes absolutely mad,she even lunges.

NOT Good.     You need to take her to classes immediately.  You also need to buy some liverwurst, get her in the car drive somewhere.  When you get there get out of the car and open the door for her to get out, but don't  bring her out.  If she is calm, give her some of the liver, just a little and pet her.  Close the door,  then repeat this process until she is totally calm and relaxed.  Then open the door and see if you can get her out using the liverwurst.  You may only get her head out of the door, but that is good,  keep doing it until she is not nervous putting her head out.   Then put a bigger piece on the ground next to the car.  If she finally jumps out to get it,  hurayyy.  If not put it on the step of the car.  Always let her go at her pace, don't force her.  Now I would suggest you do this in increments.  You can do part of this one day then go to another day always making sure you end the lesson when she is relaxed.  Don't rush her it isn't worth it no matter how frustrated you get.  Your rewards are great in the long term


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