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I got my dog from an animal shelter and have no information on her background. Nobody knows what breed she is, all we know is that she is part chihuahua.

Hi, What a cute dog.  I would say, and let me tell you it is very hard to do this from a picture, that she has some pug somewhere in that background.  Now as I said it is hard to tell from a picture because part of the way you tell these things is from personality, the way they move, the set of their hips (which I can't even see), the set of the tail, (that means how it comes out of the hind end), courseness of hair, plus skin pigment.  So I can only give you a broad guess. I am making my guess from the bottom jaw, the expression, eye size, and coloring.  I see the Chihuahua and also some pug.  The coloring is from the Chihuahua.  The jaw, from pug or other type of under shot dog.  The angle of her head coming out of her neck seems to be applehead chihuahua, yet the extra skin under the chin and neck is more puglike.   Her expression is similar to a dachshund, believe it or not, who knows, she may have a little of that in there as well, I can't see her body to know if she is low and long. If you want me to, I can research a DNA site that I had years ago that does give you information on your dog, but if the dog has a lot of different dogs in the background it isn't very good.  If there are just a few, it works very well.  it is also expensive, so let me know if you want me to search that out for you.

Take good care of that very pretty pup.


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