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In this May June, I have made a plan to buy a female dog of the Bully Kutta. But my family members assert that it should be a male dog due to the complication of heat in a female dog. But I point out the fact that if I buy a male dog of good calibre, we may or may NOT get a good bitch for it and despite of a good male, the puppies would be of a lower quality.

In other words, I want to buy a top notch bitch so that I get get puppies of similar quality. And this leaves me with some questions.

1. In dog breeding, should the quality of the dam has to be better or the quality of the sire? I heard that the quality of the dam should be better.

2. At what age, should a dog be allowed to mate? And considering that a Bully Kutta is a huge dog breed (32-33 inches till shoulder), how much time will it take?

3. I read somewhere that big dogs grow quickly but their litters are small, but small dogs grow slowly but their litters are large. Is it true?

4. I heard from a friend that a purebred dog only gives 1 or 2 puppies but a mixed breed dog gives many puppies. I remember my friend saying that his crossbred dog once gave 15 puppies!

5. I think that when puppies are young, the weak ones that are about to die should be allowed to die. Because this way, natural culling can occur.

6. Can the pick of the litter be male? Or is it always female?


Hi Jem,

Question          Answer

1.          If both the sire and dam are of top quality, you will have more of a chance of having top quality puppies.

2.          The rule of thumb is second heat season, but I would see how developed your female is to make sure she is mature enough.  Either way, two to two and a half years old is a good time.  

3.          Not true.  A few years ago a purebred St Bernard held the record of 15 puppies in the US.  Average Chihuahua litter is three pups.

4.          Crossbreds do seem to be fertile, but I have had crossbreeds that had just one pup.

5.          The runt of the litter is always the smartest since he has to start using his brain at a very early age to eat.  I always pick the runt when i am looking for a dog to learn fast.  Sometimes I would have to supplement the feeding (by holding him on a nipple) in the beginning when he was too weak to eat himself.  Also, the runt or small pups, may actually be a couple of days younger than the bigger pups; they may have conceived on the latter matings.  Why should they be punished for being younger?

6.          I always pick the best pup, whether it be male or female and so do all the top breeders that I know.   The rules are made up when you do the breeding.  Pick of the litter means just that;  it is not female pick or male pick, it is pick of the whole litter.  If you want to show for confirmation, then you usually pick the best looking pup.  If you are breeding for a dog to do help work with disabled humans, then I find the runt is the best; most active pup is usually good for search and rescue.

hope I answered all, if not write back


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