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Dogs/Veggie treats for dog on Urinary SO diet


My 10 year old Shih Tzu has recently had major surgery to remove bladder stones. His prescribed diet is Urinary SO moderate calorie by Royal Canin. He is back to his normal 2 year old energy level, but does not understand why he can't have treats. The Vet said he could have vegetables, like carrots, but he has no desire to eat those.The goal is to control PH in his urine.
Is there a treat, store bought or home made that I can give him?

Hi Mary,

Sorry your dog has to go on this diet. We've seen it many times. Vets push these foods for various health issues.

The problem is that they will cause other issues. Then you go back to him for those issues and they prescribe additional products/pills. And so on...

These kind of prescriptions are made to deal with the immediate health issue but are not balanced for the long run. When a dog or human does not eat a balanced diet over the long run, health issues arise.

We are not vets but we are certified in dog nutrition and are big believers in feeding according to an animals natural diet.

I can't ethically tell you to take your dog off of this diet because I am not a vet. But I can tell you it will do more harm than good over the long run.

If your vet put him on a dry food only diet, this is very detrimental to his health. He needs a lot of moisture to help keep his urinary track flushed out.

Dogs are natural meat eaters. This is a very high moisture diet. When dogs eat a dry or mostly dry diet, they actually live in a mild state of dehydration. This effects internal organs especially the kidneys and can lead to different types of crystals forming.

This is just not a dogs normal biological diet. This in tern is what's causing so many diseases that they should not have to suffer through. I hope that makes sense.

We love our vets for what they do and that is medicine. They are not trained in nutrition. So one needs to seek additional help when a diet needs modification or for basic health and longevity.  

You should learn the basics of what dogs should and should not have in their regular diet. Then look at the ingredients in this prescription food. It will open your eyes.

Wheat, corn, soy, by-products are all on the top allergy and disease causing ingredients in dog foods. I believe this prescription formula you are feeding will have one or more of them.

Their are many good books available for a natural diet including suggestions for health issues that you are facing. My wife and I wrote a basic one that is available on Amazon.

If you have a natural pet store, not the big box ones, but the small independent ones, they can also help give you ideas on a healthy, balanced diet.

We love our pets and we are passionate about their health and diet.

Back to your original question, there are sweet potato treats made for dogs. These are lower calorie and a healthy choice. Most dogs like them. There are also ones called Himalayan Dog Chews. These are made from Yak and cow milk.

There are others like natural dental chews that are made of plant based material that people like to give for treats.

There are also natural supplements for balancing the PH level in his urine. We've dealt with many dogs that have had oxalate or struvite crystals and been able to help them keep them from coming back.

I know you didn't ask for dietary information on this question but I felt obligated to express my opinion and what I've experienced in the past with these type diets.

If you would like more information about better and balanced diets, supplements and maybe our small book to read to learn more about good ingredients for dog, I will be happy to help. Just reply back to this same question.

There are a couple of very critical supplements that most people don't know there pets need. These are enzymes and probiotics.

That lack of these in a dogs diet is a root cause of many health issues, diseases and cancers.

I would be happy to provide additional information if you would like.

Take care,



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