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i recently lost my young weenie dog in december and i miss having a puppy of my own so dearly. me and my family really want to adopt or rescue a dog around this year. i live on a large property where we have horses, and lots of space for dogs to live freely. we have a mastiff, a bulldog, and a quite old labrador, and they are all pure bread. i am considering rescuing but i have no experience. if i were to get a dog it would have to be able to get along well with other pets and it would have to tolerate some texas heat. of corse, the dog could come inside a lot and sleep inside at night (so no snorers please) and i am really looking for a small-medium sized dog. i want to get it as a puppy. also, i would like to have a dog that is not difficult to train. in conclusion, what breed/style of dog do you recomend for my current situation?!

Hi  I am sorry you lost your pet.   Last year I lost two and it was devastating.

There are so many good dogs out there.  I see what kind of dogs you have and will assume you don't want a dog that needs a grooming salon, etc.

Have you ever seen a puggle?  it is a crossbred that is really nice.  It is a cross between a pug and a beagle.

There is also a labradoodle, but get a short haired one.

A Brittany is a great dog that is a good companion.

Smaller dogs would be whippet, although they can wander.  

A border collie is the smartest dog recorded, although very active and doesn't always have a turn off switch, lol.

If your other dogs are male dogs, my favorite all time breed would be a FEMALE smooth fox terrier.  They love to do tricks and have fun and are loyal to their owners.  mine salutes.  The males tend to be aggressive though with other animals/dogs.  This breed needs to have room to run which you seem to have.

Schnauzers need grooming but can be kept fairly good with brushing and hand stripping.

All of the above dogs can be gotten from rescues   I know a breeder of the foxes who regularly gives non show pups away if you want to go that route.She will make sure you are capable of taking care of one though.     Now that I have owned this breed, I will always have one.  

If none of these seem appealing to you, go to and you will have a bunch to look at.  Ask me first though about any breed, because I have first hand knowledge of many and can tell you about any "quirks" they may have that aren't usually mentioned in the AKC descriptions.

Good luck

PS  I just got a six year old male from that breeder who fit in immediately.  


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