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I am from a village in Jharkhand India, as there is no proper Vet available in my village. I require your guidance for my Male GSD named SPIKE whose DOB is 15 June 2014. As of now he is 10.5 months old, but he is too slim and have dull coat in compare to his brothers of same age/litter both are on home diet. I use same supplement which they are using and also deworm him regularly. I have also started feeding him home cooked food (from which he will be getting very small or no nutrient), I feed him 1/2 ltr of milk, Rice (2 times). Hence I want to supplement him with available natural, herbal or any multivitamin supplement available in the country. I have contacted AAFCO, NRC and FEDIAF in this regard too as how much minimum nutrient is required by a dog. I have converted the NRC & AAFCO nutrient quantity in milligram and wanna be assure that he gets adequate nutrient.But I cant find any (One tow or three) proper product for that.

On 1st Feb (It was the time for his deworming) after consulting a vet i gave him Intas Pharnma easy pet dewormer tab at night around 10.30 pm. After 5 to 10 minutes foam started to come out from his mouth and when he settle down after 2-3 minutes I gave him water to drink n went to sleep. At morning I saw vomit and watery potty every where. He has vomit 3-5 times and done watery potty 4-6 times everywhere. I gave him Intas Griptol N and Taxim medicine. Since then he loose his appetite. Some day he eats some time not it became more during last 15 days. he only drink 1/5 lts milk and 2 hand full of Dry food. He is getting weaker day by day. Though  I am feeding him  Himalaya Liv-52 and Himalaya Digyton Plus (10-15 ml each 2 times) But with  no improvements in his health. He has watery discharge from his both eyes  some white cream type substance is also discharging from this eyes. I take him for 2 hours exercise in the morning and 1 hour walk at night. He don't look tired. I am  very much upset plz ADVICE or Call

After consulting an international vet she told me not to feed wheat as my dog coat is very dull. He is still getting week though a vet inject him with a dewormer. There is very little improvement in his coat and he is shedding a lot also have dandruff/dry skin. There is no improvement in his health. Whenever I see him I felt like crying i am serious. I tried everything so that he eats n get healthy. I wants to feed him only home food (Rice , etc. ) and give him multi-nutrient vitamin supplement

My Question

1. So I wanna know which product should I feed him for Multi-Vitamins, Nutrient, Amino Acids etc. As I only wants to give him Rice with milk 2 times (afternoon & night) and in morning dry foods (Drools Ultium Puppy).

2. What to be done for his coat.

3. How to boost his immune as he donít eats anything, Some times he like to eat Drools Focus Puppy which cost me 4200 p.m.


Hello Nazar,

I feel for your problem and will try to help you all I can. The products you mention from your country are different so I will try to explain the basics of what to feed.

First, why are you giving him milk? Some dogs can tolerate milk, others it gives great distress to their digestive systems. It sounds like he is having this distress.

I would stop giving him any milk. After weening, dogs do not need any milk.

The vet is right about the wheat. Wheat is the top ingredient in dog foods that cause allergies, dull coats, digestive disorders, biting at the feet, watery eyes, excess shedding, etc.

Other ingredients that cause bad things are corn, soy, by-products, artificial coloring's, chemical preservatives. Keep all of this out of his diet.

The puppy food you are feeding him contains both wheat and corn. Plus even more rice on top of what you are giving him.

He is getting too many grains and not enough protein in his diet and is suffering from that. I would give less or no extra rice and milk and add more puppy food and high quality proteins.

Next, why are you deworming him so often? Are you seeing signs of worms? If not, do not deworm as that is also hard on his digestive system.

If he eats a lot of mice or other wild rodents, then he might get worms occasionally, if not, then he is not likely to get them.

A dull coat can come from not enough protein and poor digestion. When a dog is not digesting food properly, he will suffer from lack of nutrients. That makes his immune system weaker and then allergies, skin problems and other diseases take over.

If you are wanting to make the dogs food, you need to read some books about it and get some of their recipes.

If a dogs diet is not balanced properly, he will suffer from lack of nutrients and again, suffer the consequences.

Once his diet is balanced, you MUST add enzymes and probiotics to each meal. These are the "live" nutrients missing in most dogs diets.

Dogs were designed to live on their natural diet of raw foods or what's called the prey model diet. This type of diet provides the high quality protein, fat, calcium, live enzymes and probiotics needs to thrive.

You can supplement with a powder form of enzymes and probiotics added to each meal. This will help him digest his meal easier.

The enzymes help break down the food he eats small enough so that the majority of the nutrients are absorbed through the small intestine. If the food is not broken down small enough, it will pass through him and out in his waste. Then he will suffer from lack of nutrients. Suffering from lack of nutrients will cause a dull coat and weakness.

The probiotics help create a good friendly bacteria colony in his digestive system. This is what keeps the bad bacteria in its place and not let them take over and cause disease. They also help transport nutrients through the blood stream.

Omega's from fish oil and other sources help nourish his skin and coat as well. They also help brain and eye development.

I would look to cut out all wheat and corn from his diet. Stop the milk and rice. Give him good quality dog food that only contains good ingredients.

Most importantly, get some good enzymes and probiotics and supplement them to each meal. One that we use and sell is from Animal Essentials. You can find them online or on Amazon.

As I mentioned, learn from books on how to balance a homemade diet or get him on good quality dog food. Don't use only dry dog food as that has too little moisture in it. Get some good quality canned food as well.

He could be suffering from other ailments, it's too hard to tell from your description. If you have not yet, tell the vet whom you've been talking with about all these symptoms and see if they recommend any medicine or examination.

Look online for information about diet, enzymes and probiotics. Learn everything you can and that will help you feed and supplement better.

Here is a good website with natural and holistic information about dogs and diets.

Learn the proper way to heal from the inside out. Their diet is the biggest thing that causes good health or makes them suffer from illnesses. You need to learn all you can about it.

My wife and I wrote and eBook about dog food. Some of it may pertain to you and your learning. If you have a kindle or kindle app on your computer, you may be able to read it in your country, I'm not sure. But its at:

If you do not have quality dog foods that are free from wheat and corn in your area, then you may have to give him homemade. Just be sure it is balanced with enough protein, fat, calcium, some vegetables, and the enzymes and probiotics. Look to the internet for balanced recipes if needed.

Try these things as soon as you can. If your dog situation gets worse, contact that vet again and see if he will need an examination or something else that they can do online. Maybe some pictures or a video if nothing else. He needs immediate treatment and I don't know if the right food and supplements will be enough at this time.

But start whatever you can and go from there. That's all you can do.

I know this is a lot of information so read what you can and let me know if you have more questions or would like to add anything else that would help me help you.

Write back and let me know if this all makes sense or if you need clarification on some of it.

Best of luck to you and your dog and let me know how it's going.



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