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We have a 6 year old pembroke welsh corgi who is very active. In an attempt to help alleviate the activity, we have decided to adopt a second dog around the same age.
So, 1) Is this a good idea in an attempt to help with energy levels?
2) We found a dog we like who is a 6 year old pom mix, what is the best way to introduce them (the shelter doesn't have a dog-to-dog meeting room)?
3) If this one doesn't work out, should we keep looking?
Any help is appreciated, thank you!

Yes, if you get a good match with your dog, it helps use up that energy a lot.  If you can adopt a dog of the opposite sex it is always a plus and sometimes a necessity.
Watch the Pom mix interact with other dogs at the shelter.  If it is aggressive, then you don't want him.  If he seems to avoid the other dogs, but seems confident and happy, then that would be a good match, or if he plays with them it is good too.  
The best way to introduce them is off your property at a park, even a dog park if there is one around.  You will be able to let them become friends there first for a good few hours.  If they don't get along outside the home, it will be harder when you bring the second dog home.   
Bring treats with you and have both dogs on leash.  Each time you let them come near each other, they both have to sit, and then get a treat.   They only get a treat when they are near each other and sitting.   Make sure these are special treats, like small freeze dried liver in tiny amounts, you don't want them getting sick later on.

If one or neither knows the sit command, teach it to them right there and then.  If one knows it will help the other one learn.

If they seem to be getting along, continue the training gradually moving to the car.  Let the original dog choose his spot  ONLY after you show him or command him to get in the car, then the new dog goes in next.  When you are home, separate them for feeding until you know if there is food aggression, you can work on that at another time.  Continue the treating and training at home until all seems settled.   Be careful when it is time for bed, the first few nights you might want to keep them separate until you know they are buds.

If this doesn't work out, yes, keep on looking.  It is good when an active dog can burn some high energy with another dog. But you don't want them overstimulated either so now is the time to start rewarding the quiet dog in the home.  The quiet dog is first to get fed, and first to get the treat and first praised.

be consistant and assertive and make sure stay in there until you win.


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