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I have a Morkie,and she is a very friendly,and loving dog,who loves to lick,when she sees her loved mom likes to have her whenever I go out to town,and going to be gone for good period of time,for I don't like to leave her in the house all of now,my mom has poison ivy on her face,and she says it is drying up now,but if my dog sees her and licks her face,will she get poison ivy in her mouth,and also,get sick from the medicine she puts on?

Hi Tina,

Thanks for writing to me about your Morkie and poison ivy.  The best product that I've heard of for poison ivy is Tecnu Poison Oak And Ivy Cleanser. It actually dissolves the oils so you can wash them away.

As for your Morkie getting sick from the medicaton your mother is using.  The persons to contact about that are her pharmacist, the company that manufacturers it and your vet's office.  I would contact all of them, just to be sure.

And to address your concern about dogs catching poison ivy?  Yes they can.  They can also pass it along to humans.  Your mother would have to be very careful not to let your Morkie touch her where the spots are still active.  That is why Tecnu is so good, because it dissolves the poison ivy plant oils that cause the rash, so you can wash them away.

Have your mother ask her doctor if the stage of poison ivy she ha,s is still active and catching.  That will give you a better idea as to how to proceed.

Best of luck.

Shelley Davis

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